25000V Team How to take or copy file from dth recording to harddrive (via laptop or pc) Which software team/uploader use. Becoz when i record dth rip from my setupbox in pendrive. It rrecord file but as i connect to pc it say to format pendrive. So how to get recorded file from dthsetupbox to pc Plzz help team19-Sep-2017 10:36:39
egool Hello03-Oct-2017 01:03:28
Abhijit007 hiiiiiiii06-Oct-2017 01:08:28
egool hello10-Oct-2017 08:48:29
QualityMusic hi guys14-Oct-2017 01:04:52
rebush hi, since when is ExtraTorrent Return back online? thx for the Info.15-Oct-2017 09:44:41
egool We are back and we extratorrent returns 15-Oct-2017 09:45:33
egool a new site created by old fans and mods and old tech team 15-Oct-2017 09:46:08
sj786 hi all18-Oct-2017 06:17:20
egool Hello18-Oct-2017 06:18:06
sj786 sir iam not able to upload You have User role and this role is not authorized for upload torrents.18-Oct-2017 06:19:23
egool You can upload just logout and login again as 1st time any user account is upgrade they have to login again for new functions ...18-Oct-2017 06:21:53
sj786 ok let me try18-Oct-2017 06:22:14
egool sure ...18-Oct-2017 06:22:24
sj786 works thanks18-Oct-2017 06:23:29
egool always welcome bro ,... 18-Oct-2017 06:23:50
sj786 let me get to work18-Oct-2017 06:24:03
egool ya sure ...18-Oct-2017 06:24:27
sj786 @egool read pm18-Oct-2017 06:44:11
egool ok reading 18-Oct-2017 06:46:53
egool Reply send 18-Oct-2017 06:51:30
sj786 :( cant get it18-Oct-2017 06:55:01
sj786 please edit one of my description18-Oct-2017 06:55:16
egool Ok i edit for you ... but its really simple i show you how ??18-Oct-2017 06:56:22
egool this is the last file i upload on 133718-Oct-2017 06:56:58
egool http://1337x.to/torrent/2526587/Delhi-ki-Chu-girl-indian/18-Oct-2017 06:56:59
egool and same file at ettorrent18-Oct-2017 06:57:14
egool http://ettorrent.xyz/TorrensFile.aspx?FileName=b161a38b-9f0a-4019-8811-bdb4394619a318-Oct-2017 06:57:16
egool i just upload 1st on 1337 and copy past Description18-Oct-2017 06:57:45
egool in ettoren18-Oct-2017 06:57:49
sj786 ettoren?18-Oct-2017 06:58:53
egool oh sorry its ETTorrent18-Oct-2017 07:02:55
egool just edit one of you file http://ettorrent.xyz/TorrensFile.aspx?FileName=e51312a1-33c7-46a6-9e74-f96184067c2018-Oct-2017 07:03:03
sj786 have u put 1337x link on the description box?18-Oct-2017 07:05:35
egool no i mean to say you can copy full description from any site and paste it in ettorrent18-Oct-2017 07:07:12
egool or you can simply click on image sign in our description box and enter image or click on link icon and enter url link 18-Oct-2017 07:08:05
sj786 when i copy full description i just see codes here like[img][/code][url][18-Oct-2017 07:09:28
egool no bro i mean after uploading the torrent file 18-Oct-2017 07:12:08
egool ok i will tell you again 18-Oct-2017 07:12:25
egool 1st upload the torrent file with will description in any torrent site and after uploading done on that site copy and paste description from that site in ettorrent but after uploading18-Oct-2017 07:13:19
sj786 Look I first create a description in notepad and then copy. Paste it to various torrent sites description box but when I do this here it simply shows the codes and not the description. 18-Oct-2017 07:22:59
egool let me check 18-Oct-2017 07:28:18
egool going to edit your The Picture - October 30, 2017[PDF][WWRG] torren18-Oct-2017 07:31:22
egool from http://1337x.to/torrent/2526349/The-Picture-October-30-2017-PDF-WWRG/18-Oct-2017 07:31:35
egool check after 1 mins18-Oct-2017 07:31:41
egool now check may b you understand my point now 18-Oct-2017 07:32:43
sj786 Are u too right clicking and than selecting and the click on copy and then paste it here18-Oct-2017 07:36:02
sj786 BTW why normal codes not working here? 18-Oct-2017 07:36:56
sj786 I will be back shortly 18-Oct-2017 07:38:36
egool We are not supporting bbcodes here we are aspx site in windows so no php codes is allow on our site right as we want us DDOS prof 18-Oct-2017 07:38:57
egool sure any time i am here18-Oct-2017 07:39:22
egool Glad to see that now its working for you ...18-Oct-2017 08:30:01
Alnoor Hi26-Oct-2017 02:06:01
Alnoor evry one . iam new hare26-Oct-2017 02:06:19
[email protected] i have send uploading request when will it approve28-Oct-2017 07:19:10
[email protected] i their anyone online28-Oct-2017 07:25:04
egool hello28-Oct-2017 08:44:58
egool request already approve check your pm ...28-Oct-2017 08:45:20
[email protected] I AM NOT ABLE TO UPLOAD THE FILE28-Oct-2017 08:46:09
egool @chandan happy uploading if you feel any problem in uploading knock me back ... in PM ...28-Oct-2017 08:46:13
egool whats the error you are getting ??28-Oct-2017 08:46:31
[email protected] ERROR 40428-Oct-2017 08:46:42
egool open this link https://ettorrent.xyz/UploadTorrent.aspx28-Oct-2017 08:47:27
egool and you are talking about uploading page ??28-Oct-2017 08:47:52
[email protected] i mean after submitting the file28-Oct-2017 08:48:38
egool can you send me the snapshot of the page ?28-Oct-2017 08:49:37
egool as i am uploading and everything is fine ...28-Oct-2017 08:49:59
[email protected] yes i can wait28-Oct-2017 08:50:12
egool this error also comes if you chose sidebar cat for uploading without any image ...28-Oct-2017 08:50:27
egool ok i am waiting 28-Oct-2017 08:50:41
towniz huhu... where can i find the rss key to add @ utorrebt ?29-Oct-2017 09:31:28
egool Sorry29-Oct-2017 09:33:18
egool rss in still in under development ... 29-Oct-2017 09:33:32
egool in next few months we will launch this function for use ...29-Oct-2017 09:33:50
towniz vale29-Oct-2017 09:38:49
towniz have a nice day29-Oct-2017 09:38:56
[email protected] HI02-Nov-2017 03:55:03
egool Hello02-Nov-2017 03:55:08
[email protected] MY PROBLEM WAS RESOLVED THANK U egool02-Nov-2017 03:55:58
egool Always welcome chandan knock me anytime if you need any help 02-Nov-2017 03:56:52
[email protected] ok thank u again02-Nov-2017 03:57:14
[email protected] i want to discuss some thing02-Nov-2017 03:57:40
egool sure tell me02-Nov-2017 03:57:55
[email protected] when i talked tu u individualy i chat room the individual chat mix up02-Nov-2017 03:59:50
egool sure02-Nov-2017 04:00:17
supermario128 haiii03-Nov-2017 08:11:02
supermario128 owhh no one here :((((((03-Nov-2017 08:11:29
egool ok wait i will upgrade your account ...20-Nov-2017 07:17:02
egool once account is upgrade logout and login again for start uploading ...20-Nov-2017 07:17:27
shuggy1954 where do i find the settings for the site25-Nov-2017 10:02:20
egool after you name you got 3 lines click on it and you will get the settings ...27-Nov-2017 07:59:06
hp8015 hey egool please upload thor ragnarok hindi29-Nov-2017 12:41:03
hp8015 in 720P29-Nov-2017 12:41:32
egool ok i will try ...29-Nov-2017 12:41:55
hp8015 thnx bro29-Nov-2017 12:43:40
hp8015 you guys are dubbing for wonder women ???29-Nov-2017 12:44:54
egool yes29-Nov-2017 12:45:17
hp8015 great work.......29-Nov-2017 12:45:49
Scofield can i upload torrent s?03-Dec-2017 11:43:52
egool yes you can apply it on upload torrent page 03-Dec-2017 11:46:09