egool hii02-Jul-2017 12:23:56
Abhi1986 Hi02-Jul-2017 12:46:49
Abhi1986 hi02-Jul-2017 11:19:05
rsy007 Hello03-Jul-2017 01:21:32
egool hello03-Jul-2017 11:41:19
nick hi04-Jul-2017 09:44:09
egool hello every one ??04-Jul-2017 11:19:04
armyappy Hello all, anyone online?05-Jul-2017 12:43:45
egool yes ...05-Jul-2017 03:55:52
faizuraja This chat is cool just ad some emoji05-Jul-2017 08:23:55
egool sure we will ....05-Jul-2017 11:19:08
tezza evening all 05-Jul-2017 11:53:01
egool evening all ...06-Jul-2017 04:16:19
Abhi1986 Hi egool07-Jul-2017 11:39:10
egool hello everyone ...11-Jul-2017 05:33:30
mysstic hello 12-Jul-2017 09:06:33
Yen hi15-Jul-2017 11:42:24
Yen its time to ad ssl or tls encryption for our safety15-Jul-2017 11:44:15
egool @yen its enable now06-Aug-2017 08:29:58
[email protected] Where is log out option11-Aug-2017 05:46:22
egool On your profile page 12-Aug-2017 06:35:09
egool ExtraTorrent Official Proxy Launched @ 12:17:33
rakesh HI20-Aug-2017 10:15:11
rakesh thats great20-Aug-2017 10:15:25
egool hello20-Aug-2017 10:28:02
khanawaseem786 hi every one23-Aug-2017 01:43:46
25000V HI KHANA UPLOADER28-Aug-2017 10:23:32
25000V @KHANAWASEEM still after 2year JAI GAAGAJAL still no avialable in hd man28-Aug-2017 10:24:40
team4u hi30-Aug-2017 12:03:21
team4u how to upload30-Aug-2017 12:03:47
digster team4u 06:51:00
rrk47 unable to upload I am new please help me01-Sep-2017 07:00:46
rrk47 showing this You have User role and this role is not authorized for upload torrents.01-Sep-2017 07:01:14
egool your role is changed logout and login again for upload01-Sep-2017 07:01:22
rrk47 thanks egool01-Sep-2017 07:02:37
egool Always welcome 01-Sep-2017 07:04:44
rrk47 my torrent is uploaded but how do I know that it is Seeding?01-Sep-2017 07:08:41
rrk47 I am using bittorrent01-Sep-2017 07:09:07
egool I will check it for you ...01-Sep-2017 07:09:10
rrk47 ok 01-Sep-2017 07:10:25
rrk47 please conform that I am seeding or not egool01-Sep-2017 07:19:59
egool Right now 01-Sep-2017 07:20:23
egool there is no seeding ..01-Sep-2017 07:20:30
egool as meta is downloading ...01-Sep-2017 07:20:53
rrk47 will it took some time or I have to do something?01-Sep-2017 07:21:31
egool Wait for some time ... and i will knock you if seeding is not start ...01-Sep-2017 07:22:49
rrk47 egool image is not showing01-Sep-2017 08:25:01
egool Ok let me check 02-Sep-2017 05:39:11
rrk47 sometime this page become eresponsive.03-Sep-2017 01:05:17
egool Only when you try to login with Https ...03-Sep-2017 01:05:44
rrk47 lts check it again03-Sep-2017 01:06:32
egool huuu ...03-Sep-2017 01:07:29
rrk47 I have to click the login button 7-8times then it login to the page well I am talking about the chat room page not login page03-Sep-2017 01:08:49
rrk47 Am I able to understand you?03-Sep-2017 01:09:47
egool yes i am talking about chat page 03-Sep-2017 01:10:10
rrk47 ok03-Sep-2017 01:10:34
egool when you use https: on chat page 03-Sep-2017 01:10:47
rrk47 what is ET Trurtiale?03-Sep-2017 01:11:20
egool it will create some problems in chrome 03-Sep-2017 01:11:24
rrk47 I am using firefox03-Sep-2017 01:11:40
egool ET Trurtiale is a gift for new user ... how try there best for the site but still learning about the site ...03-Sep-2017 01:12:32
egool ok i will forward this problem to tech team ..03-Sep-2017 01:13:05
rrk47 ok 03-Sep-2017 01:13:22
rrk47 thanks egool and thanks for the gift :)03-Sep-2017 01:14:11
egool Always welcome ....03-Sep-2017 01:15:02
iffione1 helo dear04-Sep-2017 11:51:39
iffione1 help plz 04-Sep-2017 11:51:45
egool Hello04-Sep-2017 11:52:35
iffione1 my account not working regarding password when i reset my pass recive mail passward but doestnot match help04-Sep-2017 11:54:12
iffione1 what i do about it ?04-Sep-2017 11:54:47
egool You are login is your account right now ..04-Sep-2017 11:57:09
egool use this link for password change 11:57:35
egool Are you still need some help ??04-Sep-2017 12:14:56
bigdog123 Hi all, as a newcomer to the site, i am having trouble actually downloading the tv show i am after. How do you start a download. Its just giving me some 60kb file08-Sep-2017 06:08:47
egool You need a torrent client to download that file 11-Sep-2017 02:54:55
25000V Man txs for all But plz also start cricket torrent (Hdtv rip dth) or other like World cup series .we miss this category on Et13-Sep-2017 10:45:25
Abhi1986 hi19-Sep-2017 05:48:52
25000V Team How to take or copy file from dth recording to harddrive (via laptop or pc) Which software team/uploader use. Becoz when i record dth rip from my setupbox in pendrive. It rrecord file but as i connect to pc it say to format pendrive. So how to get recorded file from dthsetupbox to pc Plzz help team19-Sep-2017 10:36:39